No Round in Chamber?

One Gun a Month

Interesting Info On Light Bolt Carrier Groups

Photo by Mitch Barrie


Kel-Tec KSG 12 Gauge Shotgun KEL-TEC’s innovative designs and costumer service seem to be unmatched at this time. Since the first time I saw their KSG 12 gauge shotgun I’ve … Continue Reading →

AERO Precision QUANTUM Series AR-15 Hand Guards – Affordable


I Can Break Into Your Vault

How Can I Break In? Not because you used a 1+2+3+4 button combination on your vault. No, you were smarter than that. No, it wasn’t because you left the backup … Continue Reading →


Not All CCW Classes Are the Same

CCW Requirements In the state I live in, Anyone who wants to obtain their concealed carry weapon permit must take 8 hours of classroom instruction and a range qualification test, … Continue Reading →

Example of Gun Ban Causing More Crime

You hear this over and over. Gun bans = More crime. In this example, the homicide rate has actually increased.

20 Min Response to Terrorist Atttacks? Really?

France has declared a guaranteed 20 minute response to militant attacks.  Wow! A lot can happen in just a few minutes,  let alone 20.  For the sake of the French … Continue Reading →

Protecting Our Children

As a parent, I would find this comforting. I’m glad to see a school district finally using common sense to protect our children