I Can Break Into Your Vault

image1How Can I Break In?

Not because you used a 1+2+3+4 button combination on your vault. No, you were smarter than that. No, it wasn’t because you left the backup key lying around, you’ve taken great pains to hide that well. Nope, I didn’t look over your shoulder as you entered the combo. You, like many other firearms enthusiasts are very aware of your surroundings and would never let that happen.

Here’s How

The reason I can break into your vault is because some guy on a popular social networking site decided to take one apart, tinker with the lock mechanism to fully understand how he could fashion a certain office supply just right to defeat the lock, and then proceed to show everyone how to do it.

My Thoughts

Is it just me, or does this seem a tad bit irresponsible? I can appreciate the ability and desire to tinker with things to figure out how things work, but given the fact the hundreds of thousands, maybe more of these vaults have been sold to responsible adults who want quick access to a firearm, but want that firearm secure so their children can’t gain access… Oh, wait, if those kids are allowed on that social networking site, they’ve just been shown how to defeat it. Hmmm, guess I just wasted two hundred something and change.

Ok, granted, young children should probably be supervised while viewing social networking apps, but when something like this goes “viral”, chances are they’re going to see it. These guys may not have kids yet, but please, find something else to reverse engineer to help those of us that do.

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