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Kel-Tec KSG 12 Gauge Shotgun

KEL-TEC’s innovative designs and costumer service seem to be unmatched at this time. Since the first time I saw their KSG 12 gauge shotgun I’ve been intrigued by it. Here you have a short little package that packs one hell of a punch. As with just about everything now days, packing lots of capability into a small package seems to be the thing, and KEL-TEC delivered with the KSG.

The KEL-TEC KSG is a 12 gauge shotgun of Bullpup design that weighs about 7 lbs unloaded and depending on what shells you use, around 8 1/2 pounds loaded. This gun has a single barrel on top, with two side by side magazine tubes below. The magazine tubes are capable of holding 7 rounds each of 2 3/4 inch shells or 6 rounds each of 3 inch shells. Including one in the chamber, this gives you 13-15 rounds capable of throwing over a pound of lead down range. The magazine tubes contain witness holes so you can tell if you are low on ammo.

The KSG has a cross bolt safety that engages fairly positively. The shell ejection port is on the bottom of the gun just behind the pistol grip and takedown for cleaning requires the removal of two pins.

On top of the barrel sits a 12 inch picatinny rail capable of holding your favorite red dot or set of sights, and an integraded picatinny rail on the bottom for any of your other accessories, such as lights, lasers or a vertical grip.

This gun fits perfectly into the home defense or combat shotgun category. With its large round capacity, short length, and accessory mounting options, this is definitely a shotgun to consider.

Personally, I like the look of this gun and appreciate the innovative shotgun design. The round count alone makes it appealing to me, but you can expect to pay between $600-$800 depending on the condition and configuration of the KSG. There are a lot of nice, reliable tactical shotguns in this price range, so you really have to want the features that this gun offers at that price.

There have also been some reports of jamming, possibly due to short stroking the weapon, and a couple of injuries associated with the hand being so close to then end of the barrel when racking a new round. Some shooters have also experienced cuts and bruises from the shells ejecting into the wrist. Wearing gloves should help with this, but not everyone wears gloves when they shoot. As with any weapon, you should be careful and follow gun safety rules and the rules defined by the manufacturer to prevent injury.

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